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Best Forex IB - Forex Introducing Broker Programs

FxPro Partnership - up to 50$ per 1 mln trade

FxPro Marketing Tools

FxPro IB withdrawal

Other Rewards

FxPro IB Rebate \ Commission

Total trading volume per month

On majors (Rebate per 1 mln$ traded)

On majors (Rebate per 1 mln$ traded)

Less than 300 Million

25 USD

40 USD

Between 300 million and 1 billion

30 USD

45 USD

Aboive 1 billion

35 USD

50 USD





Revenue Share

Static Banners

Flash banners


Custom Links



FxPro Marketing tools is available in multiple languages

Bank Wire

:: FxPro processes Partners withdrawals in 24 hours

FxPro Advantages for your clients\referrals

Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Futures

Orders executed within 50 ms

MT4, MT5 and cTrader Platforms

FxPro MasterCard

World class customer service

Pamm Service

Webinars, Seminars

iPhone, iPad, Droid

Scalping / Hedging allowe

FxPro SuperTrader (Investment)


FxPro Quant (Free EA Builder)

FxPro IB Commission Calculation (Example: EUR\USD)

FxPro IB limitations


Live Chat

FxPro does not provide personal account manager for IBs

FxPro minimum payout for IBs is 10 USD

minimum 5 clients should be attracted, before commissions are paid

FxPro's cookie life duration for IB link is 1 year

FxPro Partner support

FxPro IB commission is based on the total trading volume of your clients. Below is three examples of commission generated for 1 lot EURUSD at the price of 1.10680.

100,000 EUR of volume will be generated for the IB on the opening of the position and 100,000 EUR on the closing. 200,000 EUR equals to 221,360 USD of generated volume.

1st scenario: Total volume of clients under the IB less than 300 million USD: 221,360 USD x (25/1,000,000) = 5.53 USD

2nd Scenario: Total volume of clients under the IB is between 300 million USD and 1 Billion USD : 221,360 USD x (30/1,000,000) = 6.64 USD

3rd Scenario: Total volume of clients under the IB is above1 Billion USD: 221,360 USD x (35/1,000,000) = 7.75 USD

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United Kingdom



FxPro is renowned for fair trading practices and for placing traders at the very centre of its business model. The firm has extended these same ideas to it's IB program, in which all introducers, irrespective of account size, are treated as true partners. Aside from a highly competitive remuneration structure, which sees its IB commissions rising as volumes increase, FxPro provides everything an introducer needs to promote its brand, from a dedicated marketing portal to the development and hosting of individual IB websites.

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