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Forex CPA Affiliate Programs 2021

With Forex CPA programs, Partners will be paid on a Cost Per Acquisition basis, allowing them to receive a one-time flat commission per each active (deposited) client. CPA commission generally varies based on referred client’s country of residence, it may increase or decrease based on the number of active clients. brokers may even exclusively offer a higher CPA commission to active partners for high quality leads.

When it comes to CPA offers in Forex industry, you are going to get paid once your client makes a minimum deposit and reaches a certain level of trading activity. Industry standard for CPA offers are 100-500 USD. Simplicity is the main advantage of Forex CPA offers and if you are in for a one-time \ short-term profit, then a CPA program suits you perfectly.

Forex CPA

CPA Offer \ terms and conditions





Up to 900 USD

Personal IB Manager


  • FinFalcon CPA plan

Finfalcon CPA commission is divided into two types.

The CPA rate depends on the geo and is up to $900

Referral program - 5% of income for a referred partner

FinFalcon CPA Terms:

  • CPA: Commission is paid for First-time deposit
  • Referral program: You get 5% of Referral Fee for each referred partner who joins our referral program

Partner with FinFalcon  Now!

FinFalcon IB Review


Up to 1000 USD



  • FXChoice  CPA plan

The FXChoice CPA Programme is pretty straightforward. You can earn $25 for every $100 that your referral deposits initially, up to a maximum payout of $1000. Please see the CPA payout depending on the amount of the first deposit that a new referral makes:

$100 Deposit – $25 CPA

$1000 Deposit – $250 CPA

$4000 Deposit – $1000 CPA

Up to $1000 CPA on Custom Client Referral Structures

FXChoice CPA Terms:

  • CPA commission is paid automatically to the IB’s wallet and can be withdraw immediately as soon as the referral trades the required volume. for each $25 of commission a referral needs to trade 1 standard lot. Please see the volume requirements below:

$100 Deposit – $25 CPA – 1 standard lot

$1000 Deposit – $250 CPA – 10 standard lots

$4000 Deposit – $1000 CPA – 40 standard lots

Partner with FXChoice Broker Now!

FXChoice IB Review

FP Markets

Up to 800 USD



  • FP Markets CPA plan

The FP Markets CPA Program works based on a tiered system:

Tier 1 Countries - 450 USD CPA

Tier 2 Countries - 350 USD CPA

Tier 3 Countries - 225 USD CPA

Up to $800 CPA on Custom Client Referral Structures

FP Markets CPA Terms:

  • Commission Amount is accrued per Qualified Client - A Qualified Client is a new client who has successfully opened a live MT4 or MT5 account, deposited a minimum of 200 USD, and traded at least 5 Standard FX Lots.

Partner with FP Markets Broker Now!

FP Markets IB Review


250 USD Up to 500 USD



  • FxPrimus CPA plan

FxPrimuus CPA commission plan varies between countries of referred clients.

Tier-1 Countries: 500$ CPA

Tier-2 Countries: 250$ CPA

FxPrimus CPA Terms:

  • Your referred client should trade at least 5 Standard Lots
  • Client deposit amount should be equal or greater than CPA amount
  • Trading volume under bonuses are not considered for lots calculation
  • CPA Commission will be paid after 30 days of completing above terms

Partner with FxPrimus Broker Now!

FxPrimus IB Review

FXTM (ForexTime)

250 USD Up to 1000 USD



  • FXTM CPA plan

Basic: 1-5 clients - 250$ CPA

Silver: 6-30 clients - 600$ CPA

Gold: 31-40 clients - 800 CPA

Platinum: +41 - 1000$ CPA


  • Only positions that are open for more than 5 minutes will be eligible for the calculation of affiliate payments
  • FXTM process payments on 5th of each month.
  • you should reach a total earned commission of 250 USD before you can request for withdrawal

Note: FXTM does not have a true CPA program, as their CPA program is based on rebate/per lot, similar to IB rebate programs.

Partner with FXTM Now!

FXTM IB Review


100 USD Up to 1000 USD



  • HYCM CPA plan

  • Australia $500
  • China $100
  • France $500
  • Germany $500
  • Indonesia $200
  • Israel $200
  • Italy $450
  • Jordan $350
  • Kuwait $550
  • Malaysia $300
  • Oman $550
  • Russia $250
  • Saudi Arabia $500
  • Singapore $800
  • United Arab Emirates $1000
  • United Kingdom $550
  • Other Countries/Rest Of World $250
  • Europe $400


  • A minimum required deposit and trading activity per account - specified by your HYCM IB manager
  • HYCM CPA commission is paid only one time per each referred client

Partner with HYCM Now!

HYCM IB Review


up to 500 USD



TeleTrade IB Review

  • TeleTrade CPA plan

TeleTrade CPA commission depends on referred client country of origin:

Argentina $400

Australia $500

Bangladesh $300

Brazil $400

Chile $400

China $400

Colombia $300

Egypt $300

Germany $500

India $300

Indonesia $300

Italy $500

Pakistan $300

Peru $400

Portugal $500

Russia $400

UAE $500

United Kingdom $500

Vietnam $300

and 150 more countries up to $500

+ up to $20 for verified registration

+ 10% revenue share

TeleTrade CPA Terms:

  • CPA amount is equal to referral’s initial deposit but no more than amount specified for referral country
  • CPA is paid partially every week in amount of 90% of weekly gross revenue on transactions of referral and until full CPA amount will be paid
  • No limitation on minimum referral deposit
  • No limitation on trading volume completion time
  • No limitation on minimum commission withdrawal

Partner with TeleTrade Broker Now!


200 USD Up to 550 USD



PaxForex IB Review

  • Libertex CPA plan

Deposit amount        CPA

$100 - $499              $50

$500 - $999              $250

$1000 - $2499           $500

$2500 - $4999           $750

$5000 +                    $1000

-We offer a higher CPA for long term IBs

- Our CPA plan is for all centres worldwide

PaxForex CPA Terms:

The Affiliate will be entitled to the following CPA compensation scheme provided that the following criteria are met:

  • (i) The Referred Client has been approved by the Company and has opened a trading account with the Company;
  • (ii) The Client needs to make a minimum deposit of $100
  • (iii) The client needs to trade at least 4 Lots or 20 trades

Partner with PaxForex Broker Now!


200 USD Up to 550 USD



Libertex IB Review

  • Libertex CPA plan

Libertex CPA commission plan varies between countries, the commission amount also gets higher as the number of referred clients increases.

1-5 new qualified traders per month ($200 up to $450)

6-10 new qualified traders per month (250$ up to 500$)

>10 new qualified traders per month (300$ up to 550$)

Libertex CPA Terms:

  • Your referred client should deposit at least $50
  • Qualified traders are those who has deposited minimum amount and have reached at least 80 USD of GR for the company
  • Libertex minimum pay-out for affiliates is $50
  • Commissions can be withdrawn within first week of each month

Partner with Libertex Broker Now!


50 USD Up to 500 USD


Japan, UK

Z.com IB Review

  • Z.com CPA plan

Z Broker CPA commission plan varies between countries of referred clients, the commission also gets higher as the number of referred clients increases.

CPA1: 1-5 Qualified Traders (50$ up to 400$)

CPA2: 6-10 Qualified Traders (100$ up to 450$)

CPA3: 11 or more (150$ up to 500$)

Z.com CPA Terms:

  • Your referred client should deposit at least 50$
  • Once the client trades 100 lots, CPA commission is pad to the affiliate partner
  • Clients should reach Qualified Trader Criteria within 6 months
  • Z Broker minimum pay-out for affiliates is 50$
  • Commissions can be withdrawn within first week of each month

Partner with Z.com Broker Now!


100 USD Up to 500 USD



PepperStone IB Review

  • PepperStone CPA plan

Up to 5 active traders:

Australia - $400

Austria - $250

Belgium $400

Bulgaria $250

China $300

Cyprus $250

Czech Replublic $250

Denmak $400

Finland $250

France $400

Germany $400

Greece $250

Hong Kong $250

Indonesia $150

Ireland $300

Israel $100

Italy $400

Japan $400

Kuwait $200

Luxembourg $400

Malaysia $150

Malta $300

Netherlands $400

New Zealand $400

Norway $400

Portugal $150

Saudi Arabia $200

Slovakia $250

Sweden $400 $450

Switzerland $400

United Arab Emerates $400

United Kingdom $400

Rest Of World $100

between 6-10 active traders: 50$ more

above 11 active traders: 100$ more

PepperStone CPA Terms:

  • Referred client’s minimum deposit should be 200 USD
  • Your client should trade 5 standard lots before you can receive your CPA commission

Partner with PepperStone Now!


350 USD Up to 600 USD


United Kingdom

ETXCapital IB Review

  • ETXCapital CPA plan

Arab Emirates $600

China $500

Czech Republic $400

Denmark $600

France $600

Greece* $450

Hungary $400

Ireland $600

Italy $500

Poland $350

Portugal $500

Romania $350

Russia $450

South Africa $450

Spain $450

Turkey $450

UK $600

Other countries $350

ETXCapital CPA Terms:

  • Your referred client should deposit at least 200 USD
  • Once the spread profits for trading activity of your client reaches 40$, you'll get your commission
  • ETXCapital pays CPA Commissions within ten days of beginning of each month

Partner with ETXCapital Now!


200 USD Up to 1500 USD



JustForex IB Review

  • JustForex CPA plan

JustForex CPA commission depends on the client first time deposi:

$1 - $300: 200 USD CPA

$300 - $1000: 600 USD CPA

$1000- $2000: 800 USD CPA

$ 2000 - $5000: 1000 USD CPA

Above $5000: 1500 USD CPA

JustForex CPA Terms:

  • Referred clients should trade certain amount of lots before CPA commission is paid (The number varies and is flexible, you may discuss with JustForex account manager)
  • The client should trade the lot requirements within 60 days only, otherwise CPA is not paid to the partner.
  • JustForex processes commission payments on 15th each month

Partner with JustForex Now!

FxGiants UK

200 USD Up to 800 USD



FxGiants IB Review

  • FxGiants CPA plan

FXGiants CPA commission amount depends on the referred clients country of origin. The commission also increases depending on the number of clients you have attracted.

1-5 clients - $200 up to 700$ CPA

6-10 clients - $250 up to 750$ CPA

Above 11 clients - $300 up to 800$ CPA

FxGiants CPA Terms:

  • Clients should deposit at least
  • Referred clients should trade 6 lots before CPA commission is paid to the affiliate
  • Minimum withdrawal via bank wire is $200, and to your trading account, it is 100$ (If transfer to account is selected, you can later withdraw your commission via any other payment methods offered by FxGiants)
  • Commissions are paid 15th each month

Partner with FXGiants Now!


200$ Up to 600 USD



IronFx IB Review

  • IronFx CPA plan

Varies between every single country + number of referred clients

Download IronFX full list of CPA commissions for different countries

IronFx CPA Terms:

  • Your client should trade 4 standard lots before IronFX pays your CPA commissions.
  • ECN/STP accounts are excluded in IronFX CPA program

Note: for referred clients from Vietnam, minimum required trading volume is 7 lots

Partner with IronFx Now!

Forex CPA




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