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Best Forex IB - Forex Introducing Broker Programs

Forex.ee IB - up to 18 USD Per Lot

Forex.ee Marketing tools

Forex.ee IBs withdrawal methods

Other Rewards

Forex.ee IB Commission \ Rebate

Less than 500 MIO

15% of ECN commission

From 500 to 1000 MIO

Up to 20% of ECN commission

From 1000 to 3000 MIO

Up to 25% of ECN commission

From 3000 to 5000 MIO

Up to 40% of ECN commission

Above 5000 MIO

Up to 50% of ECN commission


100% commission


L1 - 100%

L2 - 25%

L3 - 10%


Revenue Share

Static Banners

Video Content

Analytical content

Custom Links

Forex.ee Marketing tools is available in English language only

Forex.ee partners can withdraw by any method offered by Company.

Check out Forex.ee payment methods.

:: Forex.ee processes Partners withdrawals in 24 hours

Forex.ee Advantages for your clients\referrals

ECN, STP & Crypto accounts

MetaTrader 4 ECN

Min deposit only 50 USD

Level 3 market depth

Zero Spreads

Deposit with Zero commission

Leverage 1:500

Popular payment methods

ECN Commission with 1$

PAMM Service

No trading restrictions

Welcome Bonus STP

Forex.ee Partner Commission Calculation (Example)

Forex.ee IB limitations


Live Chat



Forex.ee does not provide personal account manager for IBs

Forex.ee has minimum commission restrictions on accounts, max 100 USD on per order and 1000 USD per day (on one client)

Forex.ee's cookie life duration for IB link is ? days

Forex.ee IB support

Let’s pretend the trading volume of your clients is 5000 MLN and therefor 50% commission rate applies:

Client (ECN Basic account)

• Client pays $10 per 1 lot trade on USD/JPY

• $10X50%=$5 (per lot)

Forex.ee is open for negotiating the commissions on individual terms. Judging by the trade volume generated by IB’s affiliates, the negotiated commission rate applies.

Official website:


Not Regulated

Year founded:






Rebate on A/C:

Less than 500 MIO

2.4 pips per trade

From 500 to 1000 MIO

2.4 pips + up to 5%

From 1000 to 3000 MIO

2.4 pips + up to 10%

From 3000 to 5000 MIO

2.4 pips + up to 25%

Above 5000 MIO

2.4 pips + up to 35%

Up to 1000$ deposit


1000$ - 10000$ deposit


10000 - 30000 deposit


30000 - 50000 deposit


Above 50K deposit

18$ per lot

Forex.ee provides modern solutions for IBs and Partners all over the world. The simplicity and transparency of our multi-level partnership program allows you to take advantage of Forex market without any risks whatsoever. Moreover, with our flexible commission rates, you can expect to make profit not just from the trade volumes of your direct clients, but also from the second and third level referrals.

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Best Forex IB - Forex Introducing Broker & Partnership

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